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Giving Policy

  1. Autrui Global accepts monetary or in-kind contributions if it is wholly consistent, in fact and appearance, with the activities, policies, mission, goals, and/or programs of the Autrui Global.

  2. Only authorised full time staffs and directors in Autrui Global can accept contributions, volunteers are strictly prohibited to accept contributions on behalf of Autrui Global.

  3. Autrui Global reserves the right to refuse any contributions that negatively impact the integrity, or the appearance of the integrity, of the activities, policies, mission, goals and or programs or Autrui Global.

  4. Autrui Global reserves the right to reject and decline contributions from donors who intend to interfere with the current business plan, programs, values, activities of Autrui Global.

  5. Specifically, Autrui Global will not accept contributions from companies in the gambling industries.

  6. Autrui Global also will not accept contributions from companies operating businesses, which are illegal.

  7. Autrui Global will provide a copy of the Giving Policy and the Foundation’s Mission and Vision Statement to any corporation, business, organisation, or individual that requests them.

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