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How is my giving being utilised?

Your donation will be pooled together into a fund that sponsors pregnant refugee mothers and babies with the following care:

  1. Antenatal Treatment by OB-GYN

  2. Children Vaccination (full course)

  3. Weekly Nutritional Food Pack 

  4. Breast-feeding Education Course

The pool enables us to support the families sustainably without financial restraint.

How long does my giving last?

The duration of your donation depends on your personal commitment. However, we do encourage you to commit to giving for at least one year as this time-frame is optimal in seeing the improvement and growth of a family.


The goal is to support the mother and child during this golden period of the first 1,000 days of life so that the community can collectively have a better foundation to build health on.

What happens if I need to cease my giving?

We understand how situations can make monthly giving a heavy commitment and discontinuing your giving may be on your mind. If you have to cease your giving, for a few months or permanently, do let us know via email at Alternatively, you may invite a family member or friend to continue your giving commitment.

Are my contributions tax deductible?

All donations made to Autrui Global are not tax deductible, however we are working towards achieving that status by 2026.

Will I get updated on the progress of the project?

Yes. You will receive bi-monthly progress reports on the beneficiaries via email. These reports will include an update on the mother and baby’s well-being, team efforts, and giver feedback.

I wish to do more. What can I do other than contributing financially?

Besides contributing financially, you may contribute your time and muscles! We have weekly volunteer opportunities to pack and deliver nutritional food packs to the families. You may fill in the volunteer form on the “Partner With Us” to register.

Are my contributions refundable?

We appreciate your support of our organization. However, all donations made to Autrui Global are non-refundable and unchangeable. If you have made a genuine error in your donation, you may email within 3 working days from the donation submission date. 


In the event of any refund, which are exceptional cases only, all processing charges shall be borne entirely by the donor and will be deducted from the donation amount. Additionally, refunds will be returned using the original mode of payment. (ie: if your payment was made via credit card, your refund will be credited to the same credit card.)

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