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A Mother's Perseverance

In February 2023, *Nuam Lian found out she was pregnant with her second child despite 12 years of taking oral contraceptives. At an advance maternal age with a previous high risk pregnancy, she knew having proper antenatal care was needed and found our clinic through word-of-mouth within her community .

We realised she faced the same risks as her first pregnancy; uncontrolled high blood pressure, gestational diabetes mellitus, and obesity. This threatens both her and her baby's health, having this baby may even kill her.

After long discussions and weighing out her possible options, Nuam Lian decided to keep her baby. This was her last chance of having any more kids and she was prepared to face the risks that came along.

As a team, we respected her decision and tried our best to provide the needed treatment and care for her to make it to the end of her pregnancy safely. We lent her tools and machines to do self-monitoring at home since coming to the clinic everyday was not an option for a daily-wage earner like her. We also gave her medication and did all the necessary tests to ensure her baby's safety.

Yet, her condition did not improve.

By 37-weeks, Nuam Lian had to go for a Cesarean section or else her blood pressure would have kept increasing and unexpectedly put both her and her baby's life in critical danger.

Riddled with fear, she was hesitant to go to the hospital. "What if they reject me?" "What if I don't have enough money to day?" "Do you think my baby will be okay if I delayed one more day to find more money?" "Will I be all alone in the hospital?"

After calls and voice messages of encouragement and assurance, Nuam Lian went to the hospital with the minimal funds she had saved and additional borrowed money from friends.

In less than 48 hours, Nuam Lian gave birth to a baby boy. All the pain she endured was worth seeing him arrive on this side of heaven.


*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the individual.



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