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Food Aid Project

It all started with a phone call from *Ms Nadia, an expecting mother, crying for help in desperate need for food relief. “My husband lost his job, there is no food on the table for days, can you send me some food please?”

The implementation of MCO 3.0 on 28th June 2021 has greatly impacted the livelihood of the refugees in Klang Valley. Many of them earn daily wages as helpers in hawker stalls, technicians for car workshops, and door-to-door cleaners. However, MCO forced businesses to close temporarily which led this vulnerable group to struggle to put food on the table daily.

*Ms Nadia's cry was not an isolated one, but a collective struggle of the refugees we serve through Klinik Kecheerian. Therefore, Autrui Global committed to bridge the gap of despair and helplessness in the people we serve by providing 8 weeks of food aid relief for 80 families, in 3 refugee communities.

Due to the overwhelming support and generosity of all our donors and partners, we were able to go beyond our initial target. In total, we provided food aid worth RM80 per family over a period of 10 weeks for 180 families in 5 communities!

Many were thankful for the food relief as the money kept was spent on providing shelter and clean water for the family. Families were able to live in peace as quarrels between parents reduced and children happily went to bed with full stomachs. Through this food aid, lives were saved and emotional well-being improved--our team was also touched by the public’s kindness in such a time as this.

Thank you to all who gave and participated in Autrui Global’s Food Aid project. It truly shows us #KitaJagaKita is not just within our own Malaysians, but also extends to the people who consider Malaysia their safe haven.

*Note: The name has been changed to protect the identity of the refugee.



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